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When is it enough? When will they finally see what’s going on? Why won’t they open their eyes? These are the questions that my friends and I volley back and forth pertaining to, well, quite a few groups. Trump voters, the Congress, a plethora of pandering politicians. What seems so obvious, so cut and dry too many is pushed into the corners of other people’s minds. Excuses such as fake news and keeping the base happy are used as a fencing system to compartmentalize these blaring inconsistencies in their minds. Blind loyalty seems to ooze from the wounds inflicted on the supporters of this administration. Now, before I go on, let me be clear, Democrats suffer from this same blind loyalty, but they aren’t currently the group trying to blow up the world so that we can save that reflection for later.

Part of me gets it. These supporters are people I know, people I love, and even people I share a bloodline with. I know their world views, and I fully understand that we all have different life experiences that create lenses for us to look through. Lenses that can never be fully or accurately illustrated to anyone not looking through them. Some are desperate for work; others are scared that the Democrats are planning a clandestine siege attack to strip away their guns in the night. We share a different list of priorities, and that’s okay. I accept that.

Here's what I can’t and won’t accept, my rights as a woman, a member of the LGBTQ community, and a citizen of the world being compromised. I could list all the affronts here, but there is no need, we are all aware. Trump has dominated the news cycle since early in 2016 (damn, has it only been a year – seems like forty). It’s easy to get swept up, I’m guilty of it too. But nothing that is being said is going to change their minds. They knew who they were voting for, they knew who they were supporting, and they did it anyway. Something resonated with them that caused these good people to look past things they wouldn’t accept out of their child's mouth or behavior. We aren’t going to shock them with his atrocious Tweets or his antics. They saw it, and they chose to look past it. This isn’t an attack on his supporters, it’s an attempt to change the conversation.

We need to push him on where he stands on issues and debate those topics. We need him to come to the table with a mapped out plan and how is going to execute it. We need to push the Republicans to hold true to their declared value system, not the one dictated by Trump, but the one we could all support, even if we didn’t agree. We need to demand more as citizens from our elected officials because we deserve it and need it to function as a democracy. We need facts, figures, plans, and ideas. We need those presented in a capacity where they can be deliberated and presented to the American people. We need to ignore the insane 140 character declarations and continue to ask for his plans. We need to push the media to pressure the administration. And if we can’t get it from them, we need to go to our Representatives offices and demand it. And, for God’s sake, can someone read the Constitution to him, maybe we can start a Go Fund Me page and have Fox and Friends do it.

#Trump #Annoyed

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